May 14

Live From Pulp Ark! Fifth In A Series! Collect ‘Em All!

I hope you guys are enjoying the pictures but they can’t even begin to come close to the actual excitement and passion of pulp that has been going on here between today and yesterday.  I’ve gotten to talk to so many wonderful folks that I’ve known for years, people who have become friends due to our mutual love of telling stories.  It’s been fun, it’s been exciting and I’m really happy that I decided to be a part of this historic event.

No, nobody’s getting rich here at Pulp Ark.  At least not in monetary terms.  We are getting rich in terms of the knowledge and camaraderie that is being shared among us.  The sheer delight in being able to sit across a table or next to each other and talk about our stories and our aspirations for future projects face to face.  It’s a feeling I hope to be able to share with all of you one day.

It’s quiet here now as everybody’s out to dinner now.  Why didn’t I go?  I had a late lunch and I really wasn’t that hungry.  Barry Reese is over on the other side of the room with his family and I’m too much of a nice guy to go over there and harass him.  So I figured I’d bang out a few words to keep y’all up on what’s happening here.  Told you I was a nice guy, right? 

The award ceremony and the art auction is coming up after that.  I’ve already acquired a few epic pieces of art from a Pro Se Productions artist named Peter Cooper who’s a really nice guy as well as being a badass artist and we’re already talking about working on a Dillon graphic novel.  Matter of fact you guys should be following the blogs and Facebook pages of folks like Ron Fortier, Tommy Hancock, Nancy Hansen, Van Plexico, Bobby Nash as well as the rest of the usual cast of characters as there’s going to be a whole buncha projects coming your way as a result of Pulp Ark.  You wanna talk about brainstorming? Hah,  What’s been going on here goes so far beyond brainstorming it ain’t funny.

Okay, time to put up a few more pictures.  Just wanted to holla at you for a few.  Be back later and until then, enjoy the pics.

Savage Barsoom takes place in the world inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series. It is set up for use with Savage Worlds, but the source material can easily be used in any game system. If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to post here or drop me a line.

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    Thanks for conveying the spirit of the con, Derrick. I’m going to do what I can to be there next year. Wish me luck! And have fun the rest of the way! Thanks for sharing and keep those reports coming!

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