Oct 31

Tango and Cash

Mat Nastos (who has writing credits for both Marvel and DC and is the instigator of the great New Pulp debate of 2011) has written a review of Four Bullets for Dillon and refers to the story Dead Beat in La Esca, which co-stars Derrick Ferguson’s character, global instigator Dillon, and Joel Jenkins’ character, rockstar and erstwhile gun for hire Sly Gantlet, as “the prose equivalent of Tango and Cash.” He points to the buddy action movies of the eighties an example of the tone of the story.

You can find Dead Beat in La Esca in Four Bullets for Dillon.  Derrick Ferguson and Joel Jenkins co-wrote the story. You can also find three other very cool Dillon stories inside Four Bullets, which is–of course–available at the PulpWork Press website as well as Amazon.com.

Savage Barsoom takes place in the world inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series. It is set up for use with Savage Worlds, but the source material can easily be used in any game system. If you would like to contribute to the project, feel free to post here or drop me a line.


  1. top level domain

    Looking up TANGO & CASH right now on Netflix! I remember seeing this in it’s original theatrical release and I suppose it’s subconscious influence has colored how I look at Dillon and Sly!

  2. top level domain

    I never really thought of it until Nastos mentioned it. But Tango and Cash certainly do fit the prototype–as do Bugs and Daffy.

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