Feb 11

One Foot in My Grave

Pulpwork Author Joel Jenkins applies his purple prose to a different sort of tale, recounting the eventful life of a close friend. This fast-moving biography is packed with action and pathos and is available right here at a 20% discount if you type in the savings code of 5YRZ6A8W.

September Peterson has received death sentences many times from well-meaning doctors speaking in hushed tones. Living with cystic fibrosis means that he’ll die from cystic fibrosis–a long and excruciating death–unless, by tempting fate, he can find a quicker, faster way to go.

When September’s cheerleader fiancee dumps him for a college man, September picks fast cars, motorcycles, and hard alcohol to do the trick, then witnesses his life unravel into a series of death defying encounters–all the while battling his own inner demons.

One Foot in My Grave is also available for just $2.99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in Kindle and Epub formats, respectively.

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