Dracula Lives!

Dracula Lives!
Genres: Horror, Thriller
ISBN: 1452817456
When a professional mercenary is tasked with hunting down an ancient casket, he finds himself entangled in a world of devil-worshippers, secret societies, psychics, and vampires!
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Cream was the very definition of professional. He had carved out a life built on foundations of death and destruction, and it suited him well. So when an old friend got him involved in the hunt for an ancient casket and its grisly contents, Cream thought it was merely business as usual.

But it was anything but. Now, Cream, the ultimate professional, finds himself entangled in a world he never believed existed-a world of devil-worshipers, secret societies, psychics and…vampires.

As Cream plunges into the heart of the sinister mystery surrounding the casket and its contents, he learns one hideous, incontrovertible fact…despite all evidence to the contrary, despite everything he’s ever been told…DRACULA LIVES!

The thrills never let up, and the veil of mystery over why Cream is so important to these people is handled masterfully. But even better than that, even better than Cream’s development through the book, is the growing menace that casts a shadow over every page. So by the time the last page hits, you are left dumbfounded.

-Percival Constantine, author of Love & Bullets

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