Four Bullets For Dillon

Four Bullets For Dillon
Authors: ,
Series: Dillon, Book 3
Genres: Action, Adventure
ISBN: 461119812
A series of short stories centering on the adventures of the globe-trotting mercenary, Dillon!
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A lost city in the Cambodian jungles run by a pint-sized tyrant wearing a gem-encrusted belt buckle; Beautiful women who lure Dillon and his rival, rock musician Sly Gantlet, into a clash of alpha males and a deadly set-up; a deceitful queen and a backstabbing friend; a quest for an evil artifact linked to the betrayer of Christ. Four Bullets for Dillon includes four hard to find and never before seen stories ripped from the life of global adventurer and instigator, Dillon.

The stories by Derrick Ferguson are the prose version of the blockbuster action films of the 80s and 90s…Great action, great stories. Tons of fun.

-Mat Nastos, author of The Cestus Concern

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