Strange Gods of the Dire Planet

Strange Gods of the Dire Planet
Series: Dire Planet, Book 4
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
ISBN: 1456571834
Time-displaced astronaut Garvey Dire must uncover the secrets of Mars in order to defend his family!
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Displaced tens of thousands of years in time, astronaut Garvey Dire finds himself caught in Mars’ savage past. Winged fiends prowl the nighttime skies and scythed beasts lumber through the violet grasses in the light of the red sun. Lost tribes celebrate strange gods with bloody rituals and crimson-masked assassins target Garvey and his newly-acquired family within the luminescent halls of the underground city of Ledgrim, even while uncovering an ancient technology capable of razing Ledgrim. Garvey Dire must violate the inner sanctums of the Technopriests and uncover their most-guarded secrets in order to defend his family and tribe against those who would destroy both in their ruthless quest for power.

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