The Sea Witch

The Sea Witch
Genres: Action, Adventure
ISBN: 1450505880
An Olympic fencer inherits his father's business and finds himself the target of the ruler of a splintered Russian state!
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When Olympic fencer Max Damage inherits the family business, Damage Inc, he finds messy bookkeeping and a number of mysterious undocumented projects. Things go from bad to worse when the IRS takes an interest. Then late one night a long-legged Russian woman breaks into the Damage Inc. offices and Max finds himself the target of the self-styled chess-master and ruler of a splintered Russian state called Murmykia.

As the pile of mysteries and dead bodies grow deeper, Max fights to unravel the tangled skein of his own shadowed past until he comes face to face and sword to sword with his own twisted alter ego.

The Sea Witch opens with a bang and never makes the mistake of letting you get bored.

-Percival Constantine, author of The Myth Hunter

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